Professional Services

As one of London’s prime building companies, our main strength is based on providing a complete solution, from initial concept right through to planning applications and to final build.

Having worked with leading companies to provide complex and sophisticated solutions based on innovative construction approaches and across different disciplines, we offer our clients assurances that your development is calculated with precision and at the highest standard.

At Frostons we will put you in touch with sought after specialist’s who can help you alongside every step of the process, and what’s more, with a cost effective pricing plan that ensures our clients receive the best service at the right price.


We work with London’s Leading architectural practices, who beautifully combine modern architecture and technologies with traditional buildings. They will specify the selection and use of materials that are adequate for environment and adhere the procedures and principles as set out by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Architect will prepare  building application drawings, schedule of works and tender documents, so construction companies have better picture of the project while quoting it and also building drawings and specification that contractor will need during building process.

Security Specilists

We have strong relationships with security specialist that can provide from burglar alarm to the most sophisticated monitored security system approved by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board).

In order to provide the client with the high end security installation we will have electrician working very close with home automation engineer and security company.

You would have access to cameras vie smart phone or tablet.

Audio Video

Our Audio Video Designers are experienced technicians. If you would like to create home cinema room they will suggest you the best location for the screen, speakers and seats. Some of our clients would like to build room where they can listen to classic music and have a little bit of a dance floor as well. If this would be the case Frostons will contact you with highly qualified sound specialist that will work very close with us in shaping the room the best way to distribute the sound in accordance to your needs.

Audio Video Designers will have to work very close with many other specialists to create unique environment especially when building smart home.

Garden Designers

Frostons garden design team offers variety of services, from traditional external gardens through living willow style to vertical garden walls inside your home, office or apartment.

In order to create beautiful and functional designs for any space available from small courtyards and roof terraces to full- scale rural landscaping our garden specialists are familiar with bespoke water features and work very close with lighting designers.

Part of our service include development of garden design concept, planting and garden styling.

Interior Designers

Here at Frostons the creation of elegant, stylish and comfortable homes is our passion. We are the conduit for our client’s own vision and each design is individually tailored to deliver creative, beautiful solutions for the way they want to live.

Every aspect  of the interior is handled by Frostons appointed  design team from bespoke furniture, fabrics, wallpapers to colour palette, artwork and flooring through accessories.

Each space is unique and well considered and well implemented interior architecture is integral to create a seamless and bespoke design to complement both classic and contemporary homes.

Lighting Designers

Is it your own home or development project for sale good lighting design is very important.

Current technology gives lighting designers great opportunity to create amazing spaces.

Frostons designers have a variety of solutions in different aspects of modern lighting installation. We are familiar with Lutron, Chimera, Rako and other lighting systems allowing you to control any light in your home using smart phone or tablet when you simply out or on holiday.

We will coordinate electrical installation of any system between trades involved in the project.

Smart Home

Smart or Intelligent home in another words advanced home automation is more and more recognized by architects and clients as a must in high end properties.

There is many ways to implement home automation using existing electric, CCTV, video or sound installation or completely re-wiring the property. One thing is for sure it would change your life for ever. You could access any electric or electronic device using smart phone or tablet.

It will give you complete control of your home or commercial property.

Please watch presentation to give you better idea about home automation.